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CEO - Kevin Brown

 Kevin Brown is a retired Police Officer who has been working locally, nationally and internationally throughout the world to locate, identify and recover victims of injustice.  This includes those who are victims of modern-day slavery through force-fraud-coercion as well as working with grassroots organizations to rescue women and children held by ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  Kevin's law enforcement experience as a SWAT member, undercover narcotics detective and over 20 years of being an instructor both domestically and cross-culturally in impoverished nations, gives him the necessary insights to equip and prepare civilians for an Active Shooter Event.   

Why This Training

The Increase in Active Shooter Events

12/07/17     3 Killed      H-School   NM

11/13/17      6 Killed     Public        CA

11/05/17    27 Killed     Church        TX

11/01/17     3 Killed      Walmart     CO

10/18/17     3 Killed      Business    MD

10/02/17    59 Killed     Concert       NV

09/24/17      1 Killed     Church        TN

09/20/17      2 Injured   H-School     IL

09/13/17      1 Killed     H-School     WA


Classroom - The S.A.A.V.E. Model


The classroom training will last approximately ninety minutes.  The information shared will be current, relevant and delivered in a manner that is both interesting and effective in helping people survive an Active Shooter. 

It will consist of video and audio presentations, including raw video footage of prior Active Shooter incidents.  These will be used to show how you and your staff can successfully survive the Active Shooter event.  There will be a heavy emphasis on what actions to take and what those action look like as well as the necessity of having a plan.  Simple things that can be practiced every day such being aware of your surroundings and knowing where the exits are located when you enter a public venue, place of worship or business.  

Your team will be able to identify the Pre-Attack indicators (PAINs) that will help to prevent an Active Shooter before the event occurs. 

We can bring the training to your location or host up to 20 participants  at our Training Center located in Santa Ana, CA.  

Please see attached map on our Contact Page for directions. 

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Risk Assessment

Safety Without Becoming a Fortress


Our Risk Assessment will be conducted from an Active Shooter's POV (Point of View).  From our extensive research and experience, we know an Active Shooter can be specific in their targeting or completely random.  They are completely unpredictable.  

But there are a variety of deterrents that can be implemented to impede and possibly prevent the event from occurring.  

Please know, short of having armed guards at every entrance and exit and on every floor, nothing is going to prevent the Active Shooter from coming into your location if they are fully determined to do so.  Sadly, this was the case in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Active Shooter. 

The Risk Assessment will give you recommendations to harden your location.  Recommendations will be based on how to mitigate the threat and vulnerability thereby reducing the consequence of an Active Shooter event.  

All recommendations will be evidenced-based best practices currently being used. You will receive a professionally prepared and easy to follow hard-copy of your Risk Assessment that can be shared with your team for consideration and implementation. 

active shooter response plan

A Personalized Written Policy For Your Organization


Under OSHA’s General Duty Clause, an employer is required to protect its employees against “recognized hazards likely to cause serious injuries or death.” As such, an employer should consider developing a workplace violence prevention and response policy.  

We will assist you in developing a written Active Shooter Response Plan that is both easy to understand and easy to implement.

Transforming Injustice

For more information on how you can help fight the injustice of 

Terrorism, Human Trafficking, rescues from ISIS and gender based violence

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