Threat Assessment


Our Threat Assessment will be conducted from an Active Shooter's point of view.  From our extensive research and experience, we know an Active Shooter can be specific in their targeting or completely random . 

But there are a variety of deterrents that can be implemented to impede and possibly prevent the event from occurring.  

Please know, short of having armed guards at every entrance and exit and on every floor, nothing is going to prevent the Active Shooter from coming into your location if they are fully determined to do so.  Sadly, this was the case in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Active Shooter. 

The Threat Assessment will give you recommendations to harden your location.  Recommendations will be based on how to mitigate the threat and reduce vulnerability thereby reducing the consequence of an Active Shooter event.  

All recommendations will be evidenced-based best practices currently being used. You will receive a professionally prepared and easy to follow hard-copy of your location's Threat Assessment that can be shared with your team for easy implementation.