Classroom - The S.A.A.V.E. Model


The classroom training will last approximately sixty minutes.  The information shared will be current, relevant and delivered in a manner that is both interesting and effective in helping people survive an Active Shooter. 

It will consist of video and audio presentations,  including raw video footage of prior Active Shooter incidents.  These will be used to show how you and your staff can successfully survive an Active Shooter event.  There will be a heavy emphasis on what actions to take and what those action look like as well as the necessity of having a plan.  Simple things that can be practiced every day such as being aware of your surroundings and knowing where the exits are located when you enter a public venue, place of worship or business.  

Your team will be able to identify the Pre-Attack indicators (PAINs) that will help to identify an Active Shooter before an event occurs. 

We can bring the training to your location or host up to 20 participants  at our Training Center located in Santa Ana, CA.  

Please see attached map on our Contact Page for directions.